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Salahaddin Holding, which began its operations in 1991, is a unique conglomerate of enterprises that bring first-rate services to the Iraqi people, improving the overall quality of Iraqi life while simultaneously enriching the economic sectors of Erbil, Kurdistan.

Strongly committed to the belief that boosting networks of local enterprises will foster economic growth at a national level, Salahaddin has remained steadfastly committed to expanding local business, demanding excellence from each and every individual project they undertake and oversee. Today, the group is comprised of several subsidiaries whose specialties range from investment, manufacturing, commerce, construction materials, printing, and pharmaceuticals, to food & beverage, tourism, hospitality management and residential real estate as well as luxury brands.

Salahaddin is investing in Iraq’s future by investing in the talent and potential of Iraq’s youth, creating ample employment opportunities across the nation. The group has enjoyed remarkable growth in the past two decades, and currently employs more than 2,000 employees. The company’s manifold investments across a variety of sectors nurture and support substantial economic diversification, strategic business growth and represent the expertise required to fuel development on a national scale. Salahaddin is chiefly committed to ensuring its economic activities throughout the country enhance and contribute to the efforts of the government in fostering rapid and positive economic growth for the nation as a whole.

Business in Erbil Business in Erbil
Established during the early Mesopotamian civilizations 10,000 years ago, Erbil is the world's oldest continuously inhabited city. But in the past few decades, the city expanded and developed beyond anyone's expectation.